Past shows

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Silver Bough (2008)

03 Aug 2008 to 04 Aug 2008

A silver branch of the mystic apple tree, laden with fruit, is your passport to the Otherworld.... Based on the books by F Marian McNeil, Scottish composer Gerard McBurney, Creative Director of Chicago Symphony Orchestra and composer for Théâtre de Complicité, creates a work celebrating and...

Frankenstein: A New Musical (2008)

26 Mar 2008 to 29 Mar 2008

YMT's production of Frankenstein finally arrived off-West End at the Cochrane Theatre after 2 years of development in Plymouth. Reaching into the dark heart of the terror, but with an added and unexpected twist, writers Nick Stimson and Jimmy Jewell have created a superb new production which...

The Time of Our Freedom (2007)

25 Aug 2007

'There's one flame that ignites, That burns in us all, Look, can't you see? I burn now.' "The vanity and pride of their leader costs a nation dearly – they pay the price with the lives of countless young men." Taking one of the bloodiest stories from the Old Testament, composer Conor...

Mort (2007)

17 Aug 2007

'Mort: You're looking for an apprentice? Death: Of Course. Mort: I don't have to die to get the job, do I? Death: Being dead is not compulsory' Death comes to us all. When he came to Mort, he offered him a job. After being assured that being dead was not compulsory, Mort accepted. However,...

Grace Online (2007)

17 Aug 2007

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, YouTube, how can we now survive without them? Is this the only way to express ourselves, to define who we really are? Are we succeeding? Grace Online is the development of a new work: a postmodern operetta which blurs the lines between modernism and kitsch. It...

Force 9 1/2 (2007)

10 Aug 2007

'Oh me, Oh my, this is getting very weird, And the truth actually is that I'm really quite a-feared, That I'm trapped in this world for the rest of my days Where I can't avoid the sickening urge to rhyme on every phrase' "Force 9½ is a brand new piece of musical theatre about a boy whose life, to...

Rare Dreams (2007)

06 Aug 2007

'In my song I dream of you and me, I'm the dream I dream myself to be, Can I take the all in all of me? Can I let myself and you be free?' "Our intention is to create a visually stunning, emotionally stirring and profoundly imaginative and uplifting piece of theatre that works to the highest...

Frankenstein (2007)

04 Aug 2007

'Ladies and Gentlmen see such things, That strangeness and mutation brings, Ladies and Gentlemen, something new - A living, breathing human zoo...' FRANKENSTEIN is the most famous of all horror stories. For two hundred years this classic tale has fascinated and intrigued readers....

Oh! Carol (2007)

01 Aug 2007

Oh! Carol features the songs and music of Neil Sedaka whose first great hit was in 1959 and is still a prolific writer today. Inspired by the huge repertoire of Sedaka's songs, our production follows the rehearsal period and tour of the new stage show, 'Oh! Carol'. With Sedaka’s great songs,...

Stones are Hatching (2006)

14 Aug 2006

The Stones Are Hatching is a young adult fantasy novel by Geraldine McCaughrean first published in November 1999 by Oxford University Press. It recounts the fictional adventures of Phelim Green and his companions as they try to prevent the Stoor Worm from waking.