Past shows

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The Vortex (2012)

10 Aug 2012 to 11 Aug 2012

Welcome to The Vortex, where time as we know it has imploded!  In the resulting chaos, all the leaders of time from different ages, mythologies and cultures gather together to try to restore a comprehensible sense of linear time and to try to work out the future of the universe. This young company...

Nikki and the Gang (2012)

08 Aug 2012 to 09 Aug 2012

Nikki and the Gang is an old-fashioned adventure, which updates the spirit of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books for the modern-day, redressing the class bias of the original books. A brand new scripted production supported by Creative Scotland.

The Seventh Muse (2012)

31 Jul 2012 to 01 Aug 2012

Artemis, Athena, Hera, Hestia, Persephone, Demeter and not forgetting Aphrodite- the Goddess of Love. There are goddesses in every woman. The Seventh Muse is a show about love, loss, fear, hope, freedom, desire, honesty and passion.  Made up of a fantastic all female cast, it was part of YMT’s...

Korczak (2011)

31 Aug 2011 to 03 Sep 2011

Korczak told the true story of a man who, in the most impossible circumstances, kept childhood alive through love and imagination. Featuring inspirational solo performances and soaring choral work, Korczak was presented by Youth Music Theatre UK, the country’s leading national music theatre company...

Out There (2011)

26 Aug 2011 to 27 Aug 2011

Newman Carter, a world famous astronaut, mysteriously disappears in 1969. Forty years later, a troubled young man turns up on his doorstep with a letter, which changes everything, for everyone… Out There is an original tale about fathers, families, love, loss, hope and never giving up on your...

Jabberwocky (2011)

25 Aug 2011 to 26 Aug 2011

Jabba: To talk rapidly, unintelligibly, or idly (verb)  Rapid or babbling talk (noun). What do Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky and The Hunting of the Snark, Edward Lear’s poetry, Finnegans Wake, Dr Seuss, Ogden Nash, Vogon Poetry (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), Christopher Isherwood’s Poems...

Macbeth (2011)

13 Aug 2011 to 14 Aug 2011

London. The summer of 2011. As the infamous riots rip through the city, the tension becomes almost palpable. Where once lay a gleaming capital city, there is now a smashed-up wasteland of shattered glass and burning cars. In this chaotic new world, the struggle to gain power and influence is of the...

Love & Madness (2011)

11 Aug 2011 to 12 Aug 2011

A father takes his daughter to a strange city. She is to be married. But she feigns madness to avoid the fate. Unwittingly this starts a chain reaction as first her true love, Oratio, then Flaminia, who loves Oratio, really do go mad, followed by Pedrolino, Alechino, Pantalone and soon everyone is...

Mort: The Musical (2011)

10 Aug 2011 to 13 Aug 2011

YMT commissioned Mort in 2007 and we restaged it again this year with a brand new cast and a rewritten script by Jenifer Toksvig. Wildly witty and inventive, it is a typical Terry Pratchett Discworld novel turned into a musical. Performed at the Greenwich Theatre, the performances, direction and...

Tales From The World's End (2011)

04 Aug 2011 to 05 Aug 2011

For the past six summers director Kate Burlinson has been weaving her own particular brand of magic on YMT projects – YMT company members on her projects have gone on to work in the theatre and related industries every year with many of them now at drama school of conservatories. She was thrilled...