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Let it Snow (2013)

Let it Snow! (2013)

21 Dec 2013

Our annual festive concert, Let It Snow! returns this year on Saturday 21 December! Join us for a thrilling evening of new music theatre, where our talented company of young people will be performing an exciting medley of extracts from our 2013 season. Performances will include: Adaptations of...

Vanishing Point Steampunk

Vanishing Point Screening (2013)

24 Nov 2013

“Come with me, lie with me, walk with me, fly with me…” In a town that might be your town, where teenagers are seen as vermin and the scum of the street, something is stirring. It’s a time where children are feeling increasingly undervalued; invisible within their own communities, where young...

Burnt Out Souls (2013)

30 Aug 2013 to 01 Sep 2013

Have you ever thought about the way knowledge is passed from one generation to the next? Set in the fictional near future, the world as we know it ceased to exist after a great illness wiped out society. A handful of survivors must train up the burnt out youth in order to rebuild society. But who...

Great Expectations (2013)

29 Aug 2013 to 01 Sep 2013

“Come gather around and hear the tale that’s unfolding of one boy with Great Expectations. His Christian name Philip, his surname was Pirrup but call him Pip”. Great Expectations is the London premiere of the musical version developed by YMT in 2007. Some of the greatest characters in British...

Variété (2013)

29 Aug 2013 to 01 Sep 2013

‘The moon is up, so red, like blood on iron…’ 1936 Hamburg, Germany.  A wandering naïve joins a seedy sideshow circus, the eccentric cast of which are rarely what they seem. As his success playing ‘The Bird Man’ grows, so does his psychotic obsession with the deaf trapeze dancer Maria. On one...

YMT Soul Music

Soul Music (2013)

24 Aug 2013 to 26 Aug 2013

Terry Pratchett's 16th Discworld novel, Soul Music follows the short-lived but glamorous musical career of "The Band with Rocks In", a group of musicians who become famous after their leader, Imp Y Celyn (Welsh for "bud of the holly"), becomes possessed by the essence of an addictive new music...

The Dark Tower (2013)

24 Aug 2013 to 26 Aug 2013

In celebration of the 2013 Britten centenary, YMT is commissioning the Northern Irish composer and writer Conor Mitchell to create a new stage work - The Dark Tower, a response to the 1946 radio play (The Dark Tower) written by Ulster poet Louis MacNiece and scored by Benjamin Britten. The first...

Le Tabou! (2013)

23 Aug 2013 to 24 Aug 2013

Le Tabou! An invitation to a wild, extravagant 13 day party.  A party made by the performers, the musicians, the dancers, the poets, the dreamers, the artists and the sss-singers.  Absurdist, surreal, crazy and comic, this project has rooms and corridors and brrrrroooom cupboards for invention,...

According to Brian Haw (2013)

20 Aug 2013 to 22 Aug 2013

2011 saw the death of Brian Haw, the extraordinary anti-war campaigner who camped outside the Houses of Parliament for 11 years in protest first at the sanctions against Iraq and then against the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The performers and writers James Atherton and Sarah Nelson, working...

OMG: Ovid Unplugged (2013)

16 Aug 2013 to 17 Aug 2013

Ovid was a poet in ancient Rome whose epic poem, The Metamorphoses, retells stories from Greek Mythology in which gods and goddesses fancy a variety of nymphs and earthlings who don’t want to know or who do something to incur their wrath and get changed into animals, insects, trees and flowers We’...