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The Open Door (2005)

18 Aug 2005

A door opens. A voice is heard. A song is sung. One story unfolds. Then another. Each one an invitation to adventure, love, terror or wonder. Some are old, others new. All brought to life using songs and the simplest of props - pieces of wood, sheets, anything and everything - to create rich,...

Please Look at Me Now (2005)

17 Aug 2005

A piece of music theatre about the need for attention, the love of conflict, the pleasure of watching and the fun of pretending to be 'truthful'. A 'JUNK OPERA' that looks with warmth and humour at the loneliness of spectator culture and the seductive power of reality TV and the new celebrity. A...

Red Hunter (2005)

16 Aug 2005

Exploring the world of Joe McCarthy, the beat generation, music after Miles Davis and John Coltrane, the storylines weave around a lone dancer attracted to a black trumpet player, the relationship between a staff member of the House Unamerican Activities Committee (HUAC) and a demobbed GI,...

Goblin Market (2005)

05 Aug 2005

The Edinburgh Festival run of Goblin Market finished on 28th August 2005 after a 21 performance run lasting over a month. The production received many 4 and 5 star reviews and was seen by over 2,500 people. Opera, fairytale, musical theatre combine in this spectacular production originally produced...

Unforgotten (2005)

12 Apr 2005

1918 - the First World War is drawing to an end. A young French soldier is found wandering on a railway station. He has no memory of who he is or how he got there. This lost soul becomes the focus of a bewildered and shocked nation desperate to find the image of their missing loved ones in his...

Amy's Wedding (2004)

31 Oct 2004

Amy's Wedding asked 30 young performers to consider the Puritan emigration from the UK to the New World in 17th and 18th centuries. What conditions at home rendered the potential dangers of a sea crossing preferable to staying put? What sort of people chose to risk everything for the promise of a...

Over The Edge (2004)

24 Oct 2004

Over the Edge is a theatrical and musical exploration of what we find terrifying. Most of us harbour some fear or phobia. Most of us have been scared by something or someone, or have terrified someone else. Some fears are rational, and some are irrational. This project deliberately set out on a...