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Youth Music Theatre UK - Let it Snow! 2014 - Youth Theatre

Let it Snow! (2014)

22 Dec 2014, London: Regent Hall, Oxford Street

Let it Snow! is now unavailable to buy online as we are nearly sold out. There will be an extremely limited number of tickets on the day. Our annual festive concert, Let it Snow! returns this year on Monday 22 December! Join us for a thrilling evening of new music theatre where our talented...

YMT Summer Season - Not the End of the World 2014

Not the End of the World (2014)

29 Aug 2014 to 30 Aug 2014

In Geraldine McCaughrean’s award-winning tale a frighteningly zealous and single-minded Noah, battles against the apocalyptic elements. Obstacles litter our protagonist’s waterlogged path: stowaways, conflicts and his cramped animal cargo continuing to act as animals do, whatever their surroundings...

YMT Summer Season - Terry Pratchett's Soul Music 2014

Terry Pratchett's Soul Music (2014)

28 Aug 2014 to 31 Aug 2014

A new, dangerously addictive music has entered Discworld! Performer Imp Y Celyn (translated as ‘bud of the holly’) finds himself the unwitting poster boy for this intoxicating trend. We follow Imp and his eclectic ensemble of wannabe rock stars through their chaotic musical career, as they attempt...

YMT Summer Season - The Making of Ali & Nino 2014

The Making of Ali & Nino (2014)

23 Aug 2014 to 24 Aug 2014

Launching a major international collaboration, YMT will be starting the development of a stage version of the international bestselling book Ali & Nino, one of the world’s few ‘foundling’ novels whose authorship is still disputed. Notwithstanding,  the story remains a testament to the strength...

YMT Summer Season - Miss Interpreted 2014

Miss Interpreted (2014)

16 Aug 2014 to 17 Aug 2014

Miss Interpreted is a blisteringly-honest comment on the changing face of 21st-century womanhood. Ellie Jones (former Artistic Director of the Southwark Playhouse) will be leading a chorus of emergent young performers in devising a radical retelling of their profound, cutting and often hilarious...

YMT Summer Season - Triptych 2014

Triptych (2014)

15 Aug 2014 to 16 Aug 2014

The first of YMT's new Triptych Programme, commissioning new work from young female composers, Triptych (2014) gives young performers from YMT auditions the chance to work with some of the most exciting and innovative emerging composers in the UK and from abroad. What happens when three young...

YMT Summer Season - The Dance Connection 2014

The Dance Connection (2014)

15 Aug 2014 to 16 Aug 2014

The Dance Connection is a vibrant devised performance, combining breathtaking choreography, mesmerising movement and immersive vocal soundscapes. All these elements are intertwined to create an intricate and spectacular tapestry of visceral and tactile movement that explores the lives of women...

YMT Summer Season - Harvest Fire 2014

Harvest Fire (2014)

31 Jul 2014 to 01 Aug 2014

Harvest Fire is a bold, exciting new work created by director Lewis Barfoot as part of the Aberdeen International Youth Festival. Our inspiration comes from two annual festivals: The Burning Man Festival in America – a week-long festival in the desert, dedicated to radical self-expression and art (...

YMT Summer Season - Macbeth 2014

Macbeth (2014)

23 Jul 2014 to 26 Jul 2014

The thumping sound of Drum ‘n’ Bass cascades down the corridors of Dunsinane. An ominous beat reverberates through the dank fog of YMT's dystopian reimagining of Shakespeare's perennial horror story Macbeth.This thrilling new piece of music theatre combines fierce electronic music with contemporary...

Catfish! The Musical

Catfish! The Musical (2014)

26 Apr 2014

Online you can be anyone... You meet someone. They’re hot. And funny. And they just seem to get you. This could be IT. You talk all the time and it feels like you may have met the ONE. It gets to that stage in the relationship where you want to take it further… So you meet. Face to face. No texts,...