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With another successfull summer season behind us YMT looks ahead to our 15th season of new music theatre with anticipation. For the 2018 season we bring you some of the biggest titles in theatre, music and literature.

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YMT invites young people with determination, energy, generosity and a willingness to give it their everything to come to our Auditions 2018 and take part in one of our future productions. We also provide training for musicians, stage managers and technicians as well as performers. Follow in the footsteps of Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Charlotte Ritchie and many others who knows where it could take you.



Tess of the d'Urbervilles - Youth Music Theatre UK

Tess of the d'Urbervilles (Easter 2018)

05 Apr 2018 to 14 Apr 2018, London: The Other Palace

Spellbinding Music, Dazzling Storytelling Free-spirited country girl Tess Durbeyfield knows nothing of the world outside her own village. When she is caught between her manipulative cousin Alec and the handsome Angel Clare, a dark love story unfolds leading to seduction, abandonment, and murder....

Jabberwocky - Youth Music Theatre UK

Jabberwocky (Easter 2018)

07 Apr 2018 to 14 Apr 2018, London: The Other Palace

A show of nonsense, hilarity and humanity JABBERWOCKY- the must-see musical show for all the family this Easter. Delve into an absurd, wacky world full of larger-than-life characters with dancing animals and plenty of laughs! But beware the Jabberwock my son… Flora and Jess are separated by...

Paperboy - Youth Music Theatre UK

Paperboy 2018

27 Jul 2018 to 29 Jul 2018, Belfast: Lyric Theatre

It’s 1975 and 12-year-old Tony dutifully goes about his paper round. Belfast in the seventies is like the newspapers he delivers: everything is black and white, albeit Orange and Green. There are bombings on the evening news, but Paperboy is more interested in Doctor Who, the Bay City Rollers and...

Help! Get Me Out of this Musical! - Youth Music Theatre UK

Help! Get Me Out Of This Musical! 2018

10 Aug 2018 to 12 Aug 2018, Berkshire: South Hill Park Arts Centre

A fast-paced and devilishly drole pop-rock musical with a twist, about a boy whose life, to his growing horror, is turning into a musical! Written by John Nicholson with music and lyrics by award winning composer Alexander Rudd alongside West End Director Luke Sheppard (In the Heights). This high-...

Barrack Room Ballads - Youth Music Theatre UK

Barrack Room Ballads 2018

25 Aug 2018 to 26 Aug 2018, London: National Army Museum

A vivid, emotionally-charged production inspired by Kipling’s World War 1 elegies, exploring the soldier’s experience. With music by renowned composer Conor Mitchell, this site-specific work has a vaudeville-esque resonance and will be performed at The National Army Museum.

A Winter's Tale - Youth Music Theatre UK - Summer Season 2018

A Winter's Tale 2018

30 Aug 2018 to 02 Sep 2018, Kingston: Rose Theatre

A bold and brilliant interpretation of the well-known play by William Shakespeare. Two worlds collide into one happy resolution. Paranoia and power unfolds into a parable for the redemptive gift of youth, and a celebration of young people and the potential they have to make the world a better place...