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You can contact everyone in our London office on 020 8563 7725. Alternatively, you can go to our Contact Us page.

Over the years, we have been supported by a large number of wonderful staff and volunteers. We would like to thank:

Lara Akinnawo, Joe Bence, Jeni Brazier, Sean Brooks, Bella Brown, Alice Chappell, Alice Clemens, Rhys Cook, Cody Cooley, Richard Cross, Stuart Dowson, Emily Flynn, Liam Patrick Harrison, Becky Humphreys, Anna Jones, Simon Kane, Rebecca Lee, Kayleigh Mustard, Louisa Nightingale, Sophie Partridge, Lauren Powell, Alyssa Stockard, Kate Taylor, Olivia Thomakos, Anna Vaughan, Anne Viney, Viv Wells, Heather Welsh, Clara Whitlock, Frankie Wing, Cristina Wray,-       Giulia Morelli, Kay Heenan, Charlotte Casey, Hannah Wood, Natasha Rich, Katie Hammond, Sarah Stenning, Leigh-Anne Jannaway, Adam Paulden, Zach Garcia, Serina Dawkins, Maria Xanthaki, Tony Marlon, Claire McGrath, Kirsten Borkowska, Jessie Nesbitt, Martin Atkinson, Juliette Bevis, Daisy Bowie-Sell, Charlotte Bradburn, Lydia Castro, Barbie Chambers, Chen Cuifen, Sebastian Cheswright, Vanessa Fergus, Annemarie Flaherty, Tamzyn French, Tamara Giampietri, Tory Gillespie, Tom Hopkins, Hanna Johnson, Matthew Knowles, Melissa Lee, Ruskin Leung, Annemarie Lewis Thomas, Debbie Marshall, Janine Marsh, Kat Hodgkinson, Jessica McGovern,  Adesuwa Obasuyi, Kate Organ, Monica Patel, Paola Pozzi, Abishek Reddy, 'Buffy' Ritchie, Bea Rothon, Devon Rowland, Jocelyn Sheridan, Evi Tzima , Ed Walford, Candy Wilson and all of our other volunteers, interns, and work experience students.

With thanks also to all of our previous members of staff for their ongoing support.

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