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"The Most Genius Moment in YMT History"- @alysiacall


On the 10 year anniversary of Ed Sheeran performing in YMT’s Frankenstein 2007, we posted a series of photos to our social media of Ed behind the scenes at his project in Plymouth.

What we were not expecting is our current participants Maisie Alice Lake to re-create these photos 10 years on. Here below is a side by side of these brilliant re-enactments.

The "I'm focused and repping my YMT T-shirt". 


The "I love to dance... but does she?"


The "Oh so dark but oh so bright". 


The "Oh so young, oh so fun" iconic bench picture.


And finally, the YMT Head office favourite "Is she dead...? Oh no, we're just acting". 


We commend you Maisie. Brilliant work!