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Cautionary Tales: A YMT Production


Playful yet profound, Cautionary Tales is a magnificent new musical extravaganza for all the family.

A classroom of quirky characters, who together, as a team of comic rebels, decide it is time to rewrite the rule book and create a new set of cautionary tales!  Inspired by the delightfully playful and poetic, miniature stories of Hilaire Belloc. Join us for a riotous, irresistible adventure of unlikely morals, brilliant antics and charming eccentricities.

Featuring enchanting music by award-winning composer Rebecca Applin this production brings the magic and wonder of childhood imagination and creativity to life.

Welcome to Gloamsville

A simply awful town, run by simply awful adults.  Gloamsville is grey; the Butchers shop is grey, the allotments are full of grey, dry dusty soil, the police station is grey, the school is grey, and The Lane where all of the inhabitants of Gloamsville live is grey.  The Club might not be grey, but we wouldn’t know that because we’re not allowed in there, only the awful adults are allowed in there.  And as for The Room of Mysterious Things…who knows.  No-one’s ever been in there except the Keeper of the Room of Mysterious Things.  And that’s the way it has always been, and always will be. 

Meet the children of Gloamsville

All of the children have super powers….

  • The Trockels can tie anything into knots and then untie it again! They could make a whole BUILDING out of knotted things if they were allowed to.
  • The Fishbucket siblings can make their hair become magnetic and stand on end.
  • The Worselman children can calculate and program anything at lightning speed.
  • The Bittingworths could lift an elephant each if there happened to be an elephant that needed lifting.
  • The Hammingtons know the answer to any question that has ever been asked!

All of these children were born with amazing talents, but the adults are sure to tell them that they can never, NEVER use these gifts because otherwise ‘disastrous things’ happen. But what would happen if all of the adults in the town were to vanish?  Would the children’s special abilities turn the town upside down, or create color, life and zest?  You’ll have to see for yourself this 11 – 12 August at the Barbican Theatre!