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  • YMT Summer Skills Course - Youth Music Theatre UK

Musical Theatre Summer Camp


YMT's Musical Theatre Summer Camp


What are they?

We've changed the name of last year's Skills Course to Musical Theatre Summer Camp

Summer Camps are six-day summer activity holidays providing intense, creative training for anyone aged 11-17 looking to experience ways of making new musical theatre. It's all about making a show - devising it, writing it, composing it, acting it, singing it, dancing or moving it, understanding it. Of course it also helps develop your acting, singing and dancing abilities. But you don't need to be able to do all three to take part - far from it, we really want to see young people who will throw themselves into an inventive, creative and energetic experience. AND there's a performance at the end, usually between 35 and 55 minutes of material. Summer Camps take place during July and August each year across the UK.

(Later this Spring we will also launch a new Skills Course for 18-21 year olds looking to get an intensive week of audition technique, drama school preparation and academic understanding of music theatre.)

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For phone bookings please call our London office on 0044 20 8563 7725

Summer Camp does not require an audition and is full of exciting activities and inspirational training that build confidence, teamwork and self-esteem as well as providing the essential skills for the performing arts. As one of the UK's leading national youth theatres, YMT maintains the highest standards of tutoring, training and direction with each course being delivered by professional practitioners who have a wealth of experience in the theatre industry including the West End, National Theatre, the RSC, Edinburgh Festival, National Tours and Fringe Theatre.

YMT Summer Camps  are residential (meaning you'll be staying away from home) and we provide the highest level of 24-hour pastoral care for all young people whatever their age. This includes for a range of disabilities and personal issues. We suggest parents, carers and group organisers look over our Information for Parents page to get more general background; this includes our Guide to taking part in our various courses and information on child protection.

Uniquely, YMT's courses are externally assessed by Trinity College London with all performers awarded a Grade 6 Certificate in Musical Theatre in Production (equivalent to working at GCSE A-C or AS Level). YMT's Summer Camp can also contribute to your Arts Award (Bronze or Silver) and Duke of Edinburgh Award.

YMT's Summer Camps give young people the opportunity to:

  • Create and perform a brand new musical
  • Develop skills in acting, singing and movement
  • Work with a professional artistic team
  • Boost confidence, self-esteem and teamwork skills
  • Gain a Grade 6 certificate in Musical Theatre in Production from Trinity College London
  • Contribute to Arts Award or Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Make friends with like-minded people from different backgrounds
  • Stay in residential accommodation with 24-hour pastoral care

What actually happens on a  Musical TheatreSummer Camp?

All of YMT's Summer Camps are six days in length, ending with a performance on the final day to friends, family, invited guests and theatre staff. When you arrive, you’ll be met by members of the pastoral team at the venue who'll show you around the accommodation. You’ll be staying in either a Boarding School or University where all facilities are on site. Female and male bedrooms are on separate floors, usually in shared rooms but sometimes single depending on the venue, and you’ll be with people who are roughly your own age. You’ll then meet the artistic team: a Director, a Musical Director and a Choreographer (plus assistants).

  1. Getting to know you: The first step is introductions! There'll be lots of fun drama-based activities to kick things off giving you the chance to meet everyone (and learn their names!). Theatre games are used in professional as well as youth theatre to help people get to know their fellow actors.

  2. Devising the project: The creative team will have an initial idea about a theme - usually a story or poem, historical event, myth or fairytale. This will be your starting point and the rest is up to YOU. Your input is crucial in creating a brand new piece of music theatre as you'll be asked to suggest possible lyrics, movement sequences, invent characters and develop storylines.

  3. The grand plan: The 'grand plan' is that by lunchtime on Saturday, a brand new piece of original musical theatre has been created - by you! At 2pm on the last day, family and friends are invited along to watch your new musical, which normally lasts around 30 minutes. Audiences are always amazed at how much can be achieved in six days, but we know it's because of your hard work, dedication and talent!

Hard graft

We work very long hours! We start working at 09.00/09.30 with a physical warm-up. There is always a break mid-morning to grab a drink and a snack, and you have an hour for lunch. Again there is a mid-afternoon tea break and later an hour for the evening meal. The final session of the day runs from 19.00 to 21.00; this could include lyric writing, composition, design but also technical rehearsals and final run throughs. On one night we run the infamous cabaret night! And that deserves a section for itself...


Most Skills Courses have a cabaret night, where you get the chance to perform whatever you want. You can sing your favourite musical theatre songs, pop songs, street dance, juggle, play an instrument - anything goes! You may have an idea with your new friends. Basically, it's your night! And we usually have a bit of a party at the same time. You’ll also get the chance to get advice from your practitioners if you are serious about a career in the performing arts, but mostly it's just a fun and memorable night and a great way to celebrate the work you've been doing.

Meeting like-minded people

Working together on Summer Camp is one of the best ways to make great, often life-long, friends, to share a unique experience and to come out at the other end proud of what you achieved, whilst becoming more confident as a performer and a person. Participants come from many backgrounds and countries; we have young people from all over the world including the USA, France, Spain, Russia and Hong Kong as well as the UK and Ireland. You also get a YMT T-Shirt to show your family and friends.

Course Fee

The course fee covers full-board accommodation for the duration of the project, tuition from leading industry professionals and 24-hour pastoral care. YMT's courses are heavily subsidised by Arts Council England and many other supporters, and as a not-for-profit organisation the course fees help cover our costs. The Summer Camp fees for 2018 start at £585. Terms and Conditions.


Find your Summer Camp now - Book online HERE.

For phone bookings please call our office on (+44) 020 8563 7725 and speak to Nina McDonagh.

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