FAGIN 2015 Video

15 Aug 2015
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Delve into the murky depths of Victorian London and discover the truth about one of literature's greatest villains.

FAGIN is a bold new musical shedding light on some of Dickens' most famous characters including the likes of Bill Sikes, Nancy and Fagin's first love Leeba.

Join us on this epic journey from Fagin's early life as an eager East End entrepreneur to his descent into corruption and a mysterious man called Boz...

The show is directed by Olivier Award-nominee Steven Dexter who also directed our hugely successful venture into West End theatre - Loserville, opening at South Hill Park, Bracknell in 2009 and then, in a professional production, at the West Yorkshire Playhouse and the Garrick Theatre, London.


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Barry The Boxer  /  Martyn Asser
Beecham  /  George Green
Bet Brown  /  Lucy Harris
Bill Sikes  /  Gareth Tilley
Boz  /  Henry Waddon
Davey  /  Elliot Grange
Doorman  /  Martyn Asser
Ellison  /  Gareth Tilley
Fagin  /  Yazdan Isfahani
Fifi  /  Cerys Salter
Hyde  /  Tristan Fanning
Isaac  /  Hanif Chaudhri
Joe  /  Ryan Chown
Judge  /  Emmanuel Guron
Lady Hobbs  /  Annie Hall
Lady Ritchie  /  Anna Wright
Lady Ward  /  Annabel Mackinley
Lady Wilson  /  Lucy Miller
Leeba  /  Imogen Gibb
Flowergirl  /  Lydia Page
Lizzie Longstride  /  Naomi Ojomo
Lucy  /  Danielle Henderson
Marquis of Cholmondley  /  Tristan Fanning
Marta  /  Louise Rawley
Maya  /  Hannah Breedon
Older Rosa  /  Rebecca Timms
Monique  /  Grace Key
Mr Cole  /  Martyn Asser
Mr Kean  /  Emmanuel Guron
Mrs Errol  /  Emily Gibson
Mrs Garwood  /  Alice Hinde
Mrs James  /  Poppy Dell’Occio
Mrs Joseph  /  Chloe Norris
Mrs Ludlow - Bookseller  /  Farren Turner
Nadia  /  Martha Burke
Nancy  /  Abby Donoghue
Rev Pritchard  /  Anton Mouzykantskii
Rina  /  Charlotte Emerson
Ronnie The Barker  /  Joesph Taylor
Rosa Wright  /  Katie Robey
Sowerbury  /  Rory McNeilage
Vikki  /  Beth Dyke
Viscount Winthrope  /  Eliot Grange
William  /  Edward Pope
Young Bill  /  Liam Wetherall
Dance Captain  /  Grace Key
Dance Captain  /  Cerys Salter


Lorna Brooke  /  Flute and Piccolo
Dan Buxton  /  Soprano, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet
George Dehaney  /  Bassoon
Laura Haywood  /  Piano
Mark Hyslop  /  Trombone
Hannah Mahon  /  Piano and Percussion
Catherine Marsh  /  Oboe
Rhodes Skyrme  /  Trumpet, Trumpet in E Flat and Flugel